5 little sheds get built

lapis blue stone

Our goal this summer is to build 5 small storage sheds.  Nigel and Horizon have been helping.  Together we’ve poured the 5 cement slabs, used the sawmill to cut the logs into the size of boards required, and then used the boards to build the sheds.

Last weekend I spent the day prepping and painting the fascia boards; getting them ready for hammering into place. Guess I should have worn gloves! LOL

Each of the 5 little sheds is 100 sq ft.  Just big enough to house all the tools and equipment we’ve been collecting.  why 100 sq ft?  Well… after 107 sq ft we have to have building permits!  That takes time and costs money… so… we will have 5 little sheds all in a row.  It’ll look a bit like a little southwestern town – especially when I get the painting done – stay tuned for that!

Shed 1 underway
2nd shed under construction
2 sheds up with trusses. Look we can store things now!
4 sheds – with Bentley supervising



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