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… or where’s the beer!

This week could be… finding your way around… or settling into the routine of school… or where’s the beer!

And so the first email of the week begins…

Photo #1 “So here are my room mates and the New Zealand/New Guinea From the left, roomies, Jason from Kansas, Simon from Australia, Brian from California, Leonard (behind) Mauri from New Zealand, Mesepa same, and Pascal from New Guinea. Missing is Leonard’s fiancé, and of course me.” Continue reading … or where’s the beer!

Earthship Academy Week 1

Today is exactly 2 weeks since Tony left, and the end of week 1 of his apprenticeship at the Earthship Academy in Taos, New Mexico.

I just received a series of emails containing photos of the week.  I’ll post some to the Photo Stream section- when Tony’s back we can edit and add descriptions to them. Continue reading Earthship Academy Week 1

Our Journey

Tony and I are setting off to start a new life… it’s going to take some time for everything to fall into place, but we’ve been talking about and planning this for months. The house we will be building is going to be really special and will reflect our values, our passion for sustainability, love of nature and desire to build community.

Tony is very technical with lots of experience tinkering, rebuilding cars and doing home renovations. He easily understands the big picture and can break it down into bite size pieces. Also, he never gives up! I think being unafraid to try new things is going to be really important as we move this project forward.

People’s reaction? Continue reading Our Journey