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Social Permaculture Reflections

Susan recently achieved her Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) through Oregon State University.  Amazing course!  Amazing instructors and cohort.  Her final project was to design the layout of the Doighouse community gardens, orchard, personal, social and teaching spaces.  Here’s an example of the overall plan.

theDoighouse site plan.

Social Permaculture Reflections:

The goal of theDoighouse is to create community; using space and place as a way to bring people together to learn, to laugh and share our collective experiences. Continue reading Social Permaculture Reflections

Clearing for a sawmill…

Early on in this project we determined that we would need to figure out how to use the trees that would need to be removed to make room for our Earthship and our community orchard.

We were chatting with Susan’s sister Karen and brother-in-law Glen about the property, our plans and next steps.  Now that the driveway was in… we were eager to move along to the next steps… actually building something – really anything.

Continue reading Clearing for a sawmill…