Clearing for a sawmill…

Early on in this project we determined that we would need to figure out how to use the trees that would need to be removed to make room for our Earthship and our community orchard.

We were chatting with Susan’s sister Karen and brother-in-law Glen about the property, our plans and next steps.  Now that the driveway was in… we were eager to move along to the next steps… actually building something – really anything.

They are currently down-sizing and looking for ways to enjoy their retirement.  Glen offered up his sawmill as ‘required’ stuff we couldn’t do without if we were going to clear and build.  The sawmill has been ‘in the family’ so to speak for many years.  Karen and Glen have been married almost 40 years – and most of that time they’ve been involved with building houses.  Obviously a MUST have for us as we start out on this journey!

A trusty old sawmill… set up and in use at theDoighouse

Tony latched onto the idea and embraced it as his own within seconds of the offer being made.

So now we are the proud owners of a sawmill!

Mike is busy clearing the land so the sawmill can be placed.
these ‘sawlogs’ are set in place and ready to go through cut on the sawmill

In May 2016, we were ready to clear a 100’x110′ area for the sawmill.  Mike (excavator guy) and Al (tree faller guy) worked for almost a week clearing, falling and stacking the logs.

One stack for the vegas (Earthship ceiling beams), one for ‘sawlogs’ (window frames, dimensional lumber for outbuildings),

Stacks for firewood, and mounds and mounds of tree debris for the hugel  kultur gardens.

Shout outs to Mike from  Blue Star Trucking, and Jim for their work clearing the land, stacking the logs and getting things ready for the next stage.

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