Community Garden Boxes

It is our intention to demonstrate the 3rd ethic of ‘Fair Share’ by creating a community garden on theDoighouse property.

Opening day of the CapU Community Garden

When Susan was working at CapU one of the projects she was most proud of was the creation and implementation of the Campus Community Garden.

The CapU community garden project included the surrounding neighbours in the three town house complexes, students, faculty, staff, alumni, retirees, departments and even 2 day cares; CapU and the another local daycare.  To watch the dream of one student ‘to grow food on campus’ become a reality was amazing and incredibly rewarding.  Definitely a project I’d like to do again anytime.  I feel like I should probably write more about it.  Karen – Projects in Place – you and your team are AMAZING!!!!

So… when we decide to build theDoighouse farm and learning centre we knew we needed to ensure there were spaces that would encourage people within the community to come visit, participate and enjoy.

Garden Box #1 – under construction

The first of the community garden boxes at theDoighouse was completed today (January 17, 2018).

Two areas have been identified as spots for community garden boxes.

When all boxes have been built, there will be a total of thirty boxes.  A total of 1200 square feet of growing space. Fifteen will be 10’x6′ boxes and another fifteen will be 10’L x 2′ wide at one end and 5′ wide at the other; once placed, these 15 boxes will form a circle. The centre of the circle will include a place to rest and enjoy the garden.

The individual boxes are made of :

  • 2-10′ off cuts from the sawmill
  • 2-5′ off cuts from the sawmill
  • 4-24″ 4″x4″ corner posts
  • 32-1/2″x4″ galvinized lag bolts
  • 32-1/2″ galvinized washers

The garden bed has been sheet mulched in layers from bottom up:

  • 1″ aged horse manure
  • 1# dehydrated kelp
  • 3 layers of wet cardboard
  • 8″ of straw
  • 1″ composted manure
  • 1″ soil
  • 4″ mulch (1/2″ sawdust, 3 1/2″ leaves)

I feel like yesterday and today was a great start to a wonderful project.  It was raining most of the time, but I have an amazing hat that keeps my head and neck dry (and no rain drops on my glasses ) and also rain gear… so who cares about the rain!  OK.. the heavy winds this afternoon were a little wild!

PS – if you know of anyone that would like to donate any 1/2″x4″ galvinized lag bolts and/or 1/2″ galvinized washers, please let me know.  I am trying to get the out of pocket cost of building each of these boxes down to less than $20.

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