Stuff Needed

An Earthship is constructed with a variety of used materials.  Our house will keep out of the landfill 1,171 tires, over 2,000 glass bottles and about 5,000 pop/beer cans.

bottles any shapes, colours and sizes

In addition to donations of tires, bottles and cans, we are always on the look out for used items for our build.  If you have anything hanging aroundthat you’d like to get move along to a good home… we are happy to oblige.  Pick up is easily arranged.For theDoighouse Learning Centre

  • clay
  • 4′ patio glass door glass
  • glass bottles – any colour, any shape (wine, liquor and olive oil etc.)
  • pop and/or beer cans
  • type 10 cement

For theDoighouse Community Gardens

  • chicken, cow, horse manure
  • small greenhouse
  • plants (flowers, edibles, annuals or perennials)
  • soil
  • bark mulch or wood chippings

PS…. Here’s a great little cleaning tip from Bonito (photo credit): If bottles are weirdly shaped, it can be hard to clean them. Add uncooked rice and soapy water into the bottle then shake it and rinse. That will get the bottle cleaner than you ever dreamed possible.

theDoighouse radically sustainable, 'Earthship' inspired, off grid home, food forest and Learning Centre on Vancouver Island, BC