Living on the edge of the Mesa

Week 4 – Tony’s house on the edge of the Mesa!

Finally pictures of where Tony is actually living.  This one bedroom Earthship is 100% off grid.   Pretty spartan but it has most things including a fabulous commercial stove.

What it doesn’t have is cell phone service!   That is… unless you are perched on a tiny spot on the corner of the rooftop – I just haven’t figured out what corner!

I love the landscape.  I hope when I arrive in October that it is as beautiful and warm as it is now.  The area is known for the skiing, high elevation and snow.

A cute hut model just down the road (hut=rotunda).photo 1 (3)

Interior photos of the hut.

Boots n jeans

This is the most I have seen of Tony since he left – I guess he keeps forgetting to get photos of himself.  He is comfortable behind the camera!

My favorite part of any Earthship is the glass walls – I can’t wait to learn how to do it.  I’ve been watching Youtube videos on how to make them but now that Tony is learning how to make them, I feel like it will be come a reality for us.

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