It’s so hard to choose!

Week 3 – Packaged Model – a little less efficiency and cost.

We’ve made the decision to build a two bedroom Earthship rather than the three bedroom home we originally talked about.  We don’t want to build and maintain a larger space than we need. With only Tony and I living in the Earthship, and with the rotunda, it will be plenty of space for us.

For visits from kids, grandkids and/or friends (and we hope they will visit often) there will be small cob guest cottages – close enough to share a meal, private enough for people to have their own space and the opportunity to decompress from the city.  Cob houses are wonderful to live in.

Tony and I stayed in the Lion’s Den & Paw when we attended the Rocket Mass Heater workshop in Coquille Oregon in April 2014.  I found this great photo (and interesting site) of the Lion’s Heart & Den under construction.

Lions Heart & Den - under construction
Lion’s Heart & Den – under construction

Our next decision is which model of Earthship?.  The newest model with the most advanced technologies are very appealing, however much more expensive than we planned to spend.  Not the end of the world… just means I would work 1-2 years more than we originally planned.  I love the work I do, and enjoy the people I work with… and am willing to work a little longer if need be.

Tony’s been compiling info on different options.  “…Here are some shots of the packaged model I was referring to.

South-east exterior
South-east exterior

Note  the vertical class, no greenhouse across the front, rear hall thus each room has a window. 

Great Room
Great Room

Inside grey water cell puts the plants inside a number of rooms. Also the roof slopes forward, but no air tubes. I also like the east facing veranda with the front door.  Less performance. Likely requiring a stove but much less $…. 

Just something to think about….”

What I like about this one

  • vertical glass
  • the openness of the main room (kitchen/living/dining)
  • the ‘chunkiness’ of the overall structure

What’s missing for me is the interior greenhouse.  I really have my heart set on it.

Anyway we don’t’ have to decide today – I will be in Sante Fe in October and will have a chance to see a variety of buildings  up close and personal.

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