Some Cool Earthships

Earthships are “radically sustainable” buildings the brainchild and design of Mike Reynolds – also known as ‘the Garbage Warrior’.

For the heart of the movement check out Michael Reynolds and his life’s work at:  You can even rent one to see if Earthships are for you!

These are a few of the Earthships Tony toured as part of the Earthship Academy experience in 2014.

What I love about them… (some of the reasons anyway)

  • full southern exposure and greenhouse the entire length of the house.
  • glass bottle walls
  • recycled tires kept out of the landfill
  • wall, window and mirror accents made from recycled bottles embedded into the wall (cob) material
  • independence and self-sufficiency
  • creativity
  • rainwater collection
  • grey water system
  • freedom from ongoing monthly heating, cooling and electrical bills

One of my favorites buildings is a ‘ground-house’ in Brittany, France. Technically it is not an Earthship, but rather ‘Earthship inspired’ with many of the beautiful features Michael Reynolds builds are known for known for. (glass walls, solar, etc.)

Brittany, France - groundhouse
Brittany, France – ground-house


a radically sustainable, 'Earthship' inspired off grid home on Vancouver Island, BC