fireside@theDoighouse ‘Sustainability in the RDN’

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Our new firesides are set to start on October 17, 2018 starting at 3:00pm and ending ‘around’ 6:00pm.  These monthly sessions provide a space and place for people in our community to come together and share thoughts and exchange ideas.  The permaculture ethics of Care of Earth, Care of People and Sharing of Abundance will inform and guide our discussions.

October 17, 2018
Topic: Sustainability in the Regional District of Nanaimo
Guest speaker: Bill Veenhof, Director Area H & Chair of the RDN

Climate change is a reality… we see it daily in the increasing intensity of weather events.  What we each do, on a daily basis, makes a difference.  Sometimes it can feel like ‘you’re the only one, or is it really making a difference these small actions I am taking?’.  Getting together and sharing is one way to stay connected and affirm that  it is our own personal actions that will ultimately change the world we live in.

Firesides@theDoighouse will include speakers evenings, films nights, presentations and discussion panels.

Other topics will include:

  • What is permaculture?
  • Protecting our aquifer
  • Recycling building materials (Earthships are recycling on Steroids)
  • Natural building  (cobb, rammed earth, strawbale, hempcrete)
  • Energy Conservation

Please email with any suggestions of topics and speakers you would like to hear.


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