fireside@theDoighouse #2 ‘Exploring Natural Building’

Our monthly fireside@theDoighouse sessions provide a space and place for people in our community to come together and share thoughts and exchange ideas.

The Permaculture ethics of Care of Earth, Care of People and Sharing of Abundance will inform and guide our discussions.

November 28, 2018
6:30-8:30 pm
Topic: Exploring Natural Building

Welcome: Chief Michael Recalma
Guest speaker: Russ Hannay, Errington Green Homes
Guest speaker: Mark Fleischhaker,
Hosts: Susan & Tony Doig,

Natural Building, recycled materials, using (non)-traditional and recycled building materials are all ways to reduce the energy footprint in our homes.  From site placement, solar gain, rainwater collection are some of the considerations when building a natural structure.

Earthships are recycling on steroids!  Recycled patio windows, car tires, pop and beer cans, glass bottles.


Glass Bottle Wall detail

Firesides@theDoighouse include speakers evenings, films nights, presentations and discussion panels.

Other topics will include:

  • What is permaculture?
  • Protecting our aquifer
  • Recycling building materials
  • Natural building  (cobb, rammed earth, strawbale, hempcrete)
  • Energy Conservation
  • Solar Passive Design
  • Solar collection systems
  • Food Security

Please email with any suggestions of topics and speakers you would like to hear.  The 2019 series is currently being developed and we’d love to include your suggestions.


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