Hugel gardening

This is my second hugel kultur garden.  It’s a whopping 79 feet long, 6 feet wide, 3 feet deep and about 4 feet high.  We haven’t watered the squash or the potatoes since early spring!  Don’t the plants look super healthy?

How it was built:
We started by digging a 6 foot wide 79 foot long trench dug down about three feet.  Once the trench was completed, a couple of layers of logs were place length wise covering the entire bottom of the trench.  

Hugel: 79′ long, 6′ wide, 3′ deep and 4′ high. CRAZY!!!

Next branches, soil, leaves, horse manure, compost, garden waste and straw from horse stables were layered until the mound was about 4 feet above the level of  the ground (a total of about 7 feet of layered materials).  The hugel was then left to capture the fall and winter rains.

In early spring we took a pitch fork and pushed the tines into the top soil creating air holes and loosening the soil.

Then we planted it with potatoes and squashes and applied a fresh layer of straw to act as a mulch.

The baby squash plants were bottle fed water weekly on Saturday mornings for about 3-4 weeks.  With no running water on the site, it takes a bit of time to fill the 700ml wine bottles. But that’s another story!

We’ve been harvesting potatoes since the second week of August.  Last week we roasted or first zucchini on the BBQ.
Can’t wait to taste the squashes.  We’ve planted 5 varieties.


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