Our sawmill in action


One of our goals is that no natural materials be ‘wasted’.  So… when the opportunity to purchase this sawmill came up, we grabbed at the chance to purchase it.

Boy are we glad we did!

This spring we cleared douglas fir, maple, hemlock, cedar trees to create space for:

  • Our Earthship (inspired) from custom plans purchased from Mike Reynolds of Earthship Biotecture in Taos, New Mexico
  •  Community (inspired) Hugel gardens
Susan setting the log for cutting

The trees cleared will be used for:

  • House building materials (Vegas (roof trusses), greenhouse window frames, doors, cabinetry etc.,
  • Hugel gardens
  • Outbuildings
  • Firewood
log’s in… next is lining up the saw blades. 3 sides can be cut in one pass

There is a huge stack of logs to the west of the sawmill. This log was rolled off the stack of logs and down onto the bunks in preparation for cutting.  We cut 2×4’s and 1×8’s.


All the boards cut in 2017 were used to build storage sheds.



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