Solar PV system arrives

Well… part of it anyway.

The first of the solar systems to provide power to theDoighouse has arrived on site; it is a mini system compared to what we will need for the house.  Right now, it is being used to a) power our daily needs for light/electricity; and b) learn how to manage the batteries and the Outback inverter… basically the system and how it works. It is beautiful!

Ok… in fact, even though it has been carefully thought through, planned and executed I do find it a little intimidating. Continue reading Solar PV system arrives

5 little sheds get built

lapis blue stone

Our goal this summer is to build 5 small storage sheds.  Nigel and Horizon have been helping.  Together we’ve poured the 5 cement slabs, used the sawmill to cut the logs into the size of boards required, and then used the boards to build the sheds.

Last weekend I spent the day prepping and painting the fascia boards; getting them ready for hammering into place. Guess I should have worn gloves! LOL

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Hugel gardening

This is my second hugel kultur garden.  It’s a whopping 79 feet long, 6 feet wide, 3 feet deep and about 4 feet high.  We haven’t watered the squash or the potatoes since early spring!  Don’t the plants look super healthy?

How it was built:
We started by digging a 6 foot wide 79 foot long trench dug down about three feet.  Once the trench was completed, a couple of layers of logs were place length wise covering the entire bottom of the trench.   Continue reading Hugel gardening

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