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Creative Details

Earthships are well known for the creative touches of their builders;  hidden clearly in the details of an Earthship, limited only by one’s imagination and the courage to try!  These are some of my favorite details.

Site Preparation

Building an earthship in a forest requires removal of trees, and preparation.  First for our 5th wheel trailer, so we have a place to stay. Second, for the sawmill, so we can begin to use the natural building materials onsite. Third, for the gardens and fourth for the actual Earthship.  TheDoighouse Earthship will house theDoighouse Learning Center space.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers

Our build would be ‘just a house build’ if it were not for the amazing volunteers working with us, teaching us, and sharing their knowledge, kindness and culture with everyone on-site.  We truly value and appreciate each and everyone of our volunteers!

TheDoighouse Earthship Build

a plan view
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We have been working on theDoighouse project since 2012… in 2018 we began construction of the actual Earthship!  It is a two bedroom Global model designed by Michael Reynolds, and modified for a BC Coastal Rain forest climate, the BC building code, the Canadian National Energy code, Step 5 of the BC Energy Code, earthquake and snow load.  Along the way the rear tire wall was modified to include storage space, including an air tube cooled pantry.

Community Gardens

A series of gardens have been planned; a specific area has been set aside for the community to grow.  These gardens will include twelve 50 sq ft garden boxes made from the off-cuts from the sawmill.  In additional a giant sunflower shaped garden will provide additional community garden boxes.

Lasagna Gardening

Step 1: level the ground and position the rocks

Follow these simple step by step photos to make a small garden (10’x4′) in an afternoon.  Lasagna gardening is a great way to quickly build up the quality of the soil.

Grammy’s garden

Lewisia blooms

This garden has been made with love for my mom – Joyce Brown.  She does not live close by enough to visit frequently.  We wanted to make sure she was part of theDoighouse journey.  Grammy has selected the plants for this garden based on permaculture ‘poly’ culture.

theDoighouse experience

Just a bunch of photos… Fun to look at, but not in any particular order.

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theDoighouse radically sustainable, 'Earthship' inspired, off grid home, food forest and Learning Centre on Vancouver Island, BC