Social Permaculture Reflections

Susan recently achieved her Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) through Oregon State University.  Amazing course!  Amazing instructors and cohort.  Her final project was to design the layout of the Doighouse community gardens, orchard, personal, social and teaching spaces.  Here’s an example of the overall plan.

theDoighouse site plan.

Social Permaculture Reflections:

The goal of theDoighouse is to create community; using space and place as a way to bring people together to learn, to laugh and share our collective experiences.

Buy/Live Local: we support and strengthen our local economy by providing work, purchasing local goods and services, and sharing abundance within our community.

Our volunteers come from everywhere, near and far, bringing their cultural perspectives, knowledge and experience and enriching the lives of our community members.

Joining our 2018 summer build are people from Canada (British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland), USA (Washington, North Carolina), Mexico, Hungary, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Sweden and the Netherlands.

David and Tony getting ready for this year’s volunteers.

Everyone is welcome: opening our home and our property to a global community increases the bonds that nurture and build community; fostering resiliency, breaking down barriers, increasing diversity and kindness.

It all begins with getting to know and care about each other.  This is what is built into the fabric of theDoighouse.

Sewing together the used fish net to make a cover for the trampoline which will become the new chicken run

A place where everyone is welcome.
Susan & Tony

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