Solar PV system arrives

Well… part of it anyway.

The first of the solar systems to provide power to theDoighouse has arrived on site; it is a mini system compared to what we will need for the house.  Right now, it is being used to a) power our daily needs for light/electricity; and b) learn how to manage the batteries and the Outback inverter… basically the system and how it works. It is beautiful!

Ok… in fact, even though it has been carefully thought through, planned and executed I do find it a little intimidating.

Tony and Sean unloading the Solar control panel from Gavin’s van.

TheDoighouse will be off grid; the passive design ensures maximum sunlight harvesting, augmented with a solar pv system.

This mini system has four 305W solar panels, an Outback inverter, a Magnum Energy charge controller and four 12V Surrette batteries.

Aren’t these a beautiful red … and they are best batteries ever!!!

The frames to hold the panels are currently under construction.  Once the frame’s finished being built and the panels are set in placed and connected we will have a fully operational solar system.

Shout Outs to everyone that has helped get us this far, including Gavin, Tony’s older brother owns Seacom Marine in Campbell River, and has been an amazing resource for us, and also the helpful guys at WeGo Solar where we purchased parts of the system including the Surrette batteries.

We truly appreciate all your help!

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