It’s so hard to choose!

Week 3 – Packaged Model – a little less efficiency and cost.

We’ve made the decision to build a two bedroom Earthship rather than the three bedroom home we originally talked about.  We don’t want to build and maintain a larger space than we need. With only Tony and I living in the Earthship, and with the rotunda, it will be plenty of space for us.

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… or where’s the beer!

This week could be… finding your way around… or settling into the routine of school… or where’s the beer!

And so the first email of the week begins…

Photo #1 “So here are my room mates and the New Zealand/New Guinea From the left, roomies, Jason from Kansas, Simon from Australia, Brian from California, Leonard (behind) Mauri from New Zealand, Mesepa same, and Pascal from New Guinea. Missing is Leonard’s fiancé, and of course me.” Continue reading … or where’s the beer!

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