To Santa Fe, Taos and back again

Cecilia and I flew from Vancouver to Santa Fe on October 1st.  It was the first time we had flown together since she was small – seems funny because she’s traveled to many countries, and so have I… just never together!

Tony was at the airport to greet us!  It was amazing to see him – it seemed like forever since the last hug goodbye.  He was tanned, fit and really happy to see us.

Our first Airbnb experience… our host was awesome – Nova, but the cat left a little to be desired.  It cried all night, each and every night.  By the end of the third day Cecilia was exhausted!  Well it could also have been the late nights, the incredible food in Taos and Santa Fe… or even a little bit of margarita’s.

Cecilia and I scouted out Santa Fe – the art is amazing and everywhere.  It’s like spending days wandering around a juried art show.  I bought ‘transformation’ an original by….

Cecilia’s gift to Tristan is a lovely photo of birch trees taken by a local photographer – framed it is going to find a perfect spot in their apartment.  I love that she collects art from her travels.

Taos and the Mesa…

We toured the Earthship on the Mesa where Tony lived while in Taos.  It was not the little one bedroom that I had imagined it to be.  It was 2 bedrooms, with a large open living/dining/kitchen area.  The kitchen was full size and nicely laid out.  Far superior to the kitchen we have at home.

The Mesa Brewery…

Tony had emailed about this brewery.  I think it was his favorite space in Taos, and I can see why.  There are 2 outdoor stages; one built by the Earthship academy team, and the other a wood framed structure used for ‘open mike’ sessions.

The interior stage was used extensively for local and travelling bands.  We had a couple of really fun evenings there – Cecilia, Tony and I.

The ‘Earthship inspired’ container home…

This home is fashioned after the global Earthship model with the double interior greenhouse on the southside of the building.   Instead of tire walls for the north, east and west sides of the building 4 shipping containers have been welded together with the majority of the interior walls opened up to create the living/eating/kitchen space.  Along the west wall once container is access from the exterior of the building only and is used for storage.   There are tire wing walls along the east and west sides of the building.  The night we were there, the owner of the ‘Containership’ was hosting an open house of the ‘Earthshippers’ to view and party in his home.  Cecilia and I met many of the academy students throughout the evening.

The party was in full swing when we left!

On Saturday we headed off to Albuquerque to the International Balloon Festival – hoping to catch the mass ascension on Sunday morning.

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