2018 Opportunities

From May until September we are welcoming volunteers to assist with the construction of a 2 bedroom ‘Earthship inspire’  home on Vancouver island.

Adapted to a BC Coastal Rainforest

The base ‘Waybee’ plans were designed by Michael Reynolds and have been modified for a BC Coastal Rainforest climate; earthquake, snowload and humidity some of the key considerations that have impacted the final design.

On July 20, 2018 the  Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) issued a building permit for theDoighouse – the first ‘Earthship inspired’ home in the RDN (and we believe in BC) to meet the 2012 BC Building Code and the new Canadian National Energy Code.

You bring

  • positive attitude
  • sense of humour
  • willingness to work hard and enjoy the process
  • desire to build community within Qualicum Bay area on Vancouver Island
  • ability to commit to one, two or four weeks of work
  • interest and/or knowledge in permaculture, natural building, including earthship construction
  • work boots, gloves

We provide

  • tent space
  • the  basic breakfast ingredients in a communal kitchen
  • A full, nutrious lunch and snacks
  • Dinner is potluck or your own arrangements. Kitchen is available for you to use.

theDoighouse: We welcome a continuous intake of volunteers from June 1st to August 31st 2018. Focus for summer 2018:

  • Rear and wing walls (tire pounding),
  • Foundations,
  • Drainage,
  • Construction of interior greenhouse wall. No prior experience is necessary.

Email susanmdoig@gmail.com for an information package.

Community Gardens: the garden layout is completed and we are looking for volunteers to help prepare and establish garden beds and a community orchard.  Work on the raised garden boxes has started.  To sign up for your 2018 garden box contact susanmdoig@gmail.com.

Susan standing by one of the log entrance gates. A cedar tree is felled, cut and peeled, then a hole was dug and the post inserted and backfilled.

Sawmill: Our onsite portable sawmill will be used to cut dimensional lumber to be used in construction.  We are looking for volunteers to help with the sawmill.

This is the sawmill we use to cut dimensional timber.

Chipping: Tree limbs under 4″ in diameter will need to be chipped and piled for use in the community garden beds.  A wood chipper is on site and available to make this a easy cleanup job.  Chipping can be done anytime there is a pile.  The bark mulch is used on forest trails and community garden paths.THIS TASK is completed for 2018

Firewood: We will be hosting monthly wood chopping work parties.  The trees will be felled and stacked waiting to be sawed into 16″ lengths, split and stacked into cords.  We have a 25 tonne log splitter on-site to take the ‘hard work’ out of splitting.  Split firewood is available for $180/cord.  email susanmdoig@gmail.com to place your order for delivery this spring.  THIS TASK is completed and we are SOLD out of fire wood for 2018.


a radically sustainable, 'Earthship' inspired off grid home on Vancouver Island, BC